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Did You Know?

  • Dogs have 42 teeth
  • Cats have 30 teeth
  • By age 3, 70% of dogs and cats have gingivitis and/or periodontal disease.
  • Pets are experts at hiding pain
  • Finding dental problems early or preventing them in the first place is important.
  • Dental care is a major factor in a pet's overall health, yet it is one of the most overlooked health issues with pet owners.
  • Routine dental care protects not only your pet's mouth from bacteria, but their heart, kidneys and liver as well. This results in a longer, more comfortable life.


Basic Dentistry Definitions:

  • Gingivitis - is inflammation of the gingiva (gums) which can be treated and reversed with proper care.
  • Plaque - is composed of bacteria and their by-products, which forms a soft, gel-like material that develops within hours of a cleaned tooth surface. It can be brushed off with a soft toothbrush, or chew toy. If left to spread, plaque can quickly develop into tartar.
  • Tartar - a calcified, brownish substance that will not come off with normal brushing. As the tartar continues to develop it causes irritation and infection in the pet's gums also known as gingivitis.
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