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If you can not brush your pet's teeth daily, supplementing with dental chews, mouth rinses, and toys are a great way to help maintain your pet's oral health.

Recommended Treats, Toys, and Products

CET Dental Chews:

These are formulated to clean off plaque from the tooth surface when the pet chews on them. They come in a variety of sizes for small and large breed dogs as well as cats. These treats are found exclusively through a veterinarian.

Strips of Rawhide:

Strips of rawhide are excellent for eliminating plaque and tartar from teeth. Notice that there are no knucles on either end of the rawhide, which can be broken off and accidently swallowed, making this design much safer.

Rope Toys:

Rope toys come in a variety of sizes for small and large breed dogs. They are soft and great for cleaning teeth.

Nolvadent Mouth Rinse:

Nolvadent is our doctor's number one recommended mouth rinse. It contains antibacterial properties, which help minimize bacteria in the mouth and helps slow the accumulation of plaque and tartar.

Aquadent Drinking Water Additive:

Aquadent is a drinking water additive designed for dogs and cats that helps fight plaque and freshens breath!

Maxiguard Oral Spray:

Maxiguard Oral Gel and Spray are great supplements for freshening your pet's breath when you are unable to brush their teeth!

Treats and Toys Not Recommended:

Kunckled Rawhide:

Rawhide with knuckles on either end are dangerous. The knuckles can be easily broken off and swallowed by accident, causing an obstruction, or fracturing your pets teeth.

Greenies Dental Chews:

Greenies Dental Chews are high in calories and are not recommended as part of a dental hygene home care regimen.

THIS ---->https://careandcomfortvet.com/dental-care/dental-chews--treats-and-toys1.html

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