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Dental Check-Up

Routine dental care starts with a physical exam with one of our veterinarians. During her exam, the doctor will pull back your pet's lips to have a look at their teeth and gums. The doctor will be able to detect obvious signs of dental disease such as missing or broken teeth, accumulation of tartar, gingivitis, and sometimes abcessed teeth. If signs of dental disease are found, we need to proceed to anesthetize your pet and clean their teeth by scaling off tartar from the tooth's surface, and under the gumline using an ultrasonic scaler. We use an instrument to probe around each tooth, just like a human dentist, to determine if the tooth is diseased and needs to be pulled. We will also take mouth x-rays to determine the health of your pet's teeth in detail. Only 30% of the tooth can be seen with the naked eye, which is why dental x-rays are so important in giving us the full picture as to the health of the tooth, root, and jawbone.

Blood Testing

The doctor may want to run a blood test on your pet prior to anesthesia to ensure their liver and kidneys are functioning properly.

Scheduling an Appointment

Once the blood tests are back, and the results are within normal limits, we can schedule the dental procedure. We perform dental procedures Monday through Friday. Dental treatments are performed as out-patient procedures. Your pet will be dropped off in the morning and will go home the same evening.

THIS ---->https://careandcomfortvet.com/dental-care/dental-examinations---what-to-expect1.html

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