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Dogs and cats have to be anesthetized for dental cleanings and treatments because they will not sit still enough for us to do a thorough job. Anesthesia-free dental procedures are dangerous for your pet and can make their teeth worse because the most important part of a dental cleaning, the polishing of the teeth, is  skipped.

We use the safest anesthesia available, and state-of-the-art anesthetic monitoring equipment with Cardell and Vetspecs machines. We monitor your pet's blood pressure, heart rate, EKG, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, circulation, and temperature. Since anesthesia drops body temperature, we keep your pet warm with a "Bair Hugger" warming blanket.

For major dental procedures, we place an intravenous catheter and administer intraveous fluids to keep your pet hydrated and blood pressure normal. We administer nerve blocks to block the pain before it ever arises, and we send home pain medication for continuous pain control.

Please watch this video about the risks of anesthesia-free dental cleanings

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THIS ---->https://careandcomfortvet.com/dental-care/safe-anesthesia1.html

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