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We commonly hear different misconceptions about spaying and neutering pets. There's nothing like good, educational facts to help set the record staight...

"Spaying or neutering my pet will change their personality."

  • Absolutely NOT! Spaying and neutering does not change your pet's personality. If anything, it can lessen hyperactivity and aggression.

"Spaying and neutering will make my pet fat."

  • Spaying and neutering will not make your pet fat. As a responsible pet owner, you must manage your pet's feedings and exercise your pet regularly. Pets that are not spayed or neutered can become over weight just as easily as pets that have been spayed or neutered without proper diet management and exercise.

"I heard it's better to let my female pet have a couple of heat cycles before spaying her."

  • If spayed before the first heat cycle, your female pet has a less than 1 percent chance of developing breast cancer.
  • If spayed after one heat cycle, your pet has an 8 percent chance of developing breast cancer.
  • If spayed after two heat cycles, the risk increases to 26 percent.   
  • After two years, no protective benefits exist. (Firstline, 2012)

"Spaying or neutering my pet will be a painful and dangerous surgery. I don't want my pet to go under anesthesia."

  • Please see the "What to Expect" page to further explain the spay and neuter process here at Care & Comfort Veterinary Hospital.

THIS ---->https://careandcomfortvet.com/spay-and-neuter/misconceptions-about-spaying-and-neutering.html

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