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We understand how much your pet means to you. Here at Care & Comfort Veterinary Hospital our doctors and staff passionately love and care for animals. We use the safest anesthesia available, and a registered veterinary technician will monitor your pet's vital signs during anesthesia. These vital signs include:

  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide levels
  • Blood Pressure
  • EKG
  • Temperature

Pre-Anesthetic Testing

We always recommend blood work and an electrocardiogram (EKG) on your pet prior to anesthesia to check for abnormalities in your pet's liver, kidneys, and heart. Blood work can also determine whether or not your pet has an underlying infection or bleeding disorder prior to surgery to minimize complications from arising. Although we would always love to have as much information about your pet's health prior to surgery, we understanbd that blood work and/or an electrocardiogram is not always feasible for all pet owners, and do not make pre-anesthetic blood work or an electrocardiogram mandatory for all patients.

Pain Control

As far as pain goes, our name stands for something. We truly believe that pets experience a better and faster recovery from surgery when they are kept comfortable and pain free. We want our patients to have the best experience possible when they visit, and we know that pain control management plays a vital role in your pet's recovery. We administer pain medication to your pet before and after surgery so that they can relax and have pain medication in their system throughout the entire surgical process. We then send home pain medication for you to contiune your pet's pain management.


We also believe that patients who have stitches will have a sucessful recovery with the help of an Elizabethan collar (e-collar). These are the cone collars that pets wear to prevent them from licking their surgical site, causing infection, or pulling out their stitches and needing to return for antibiotics or re-stitching (at additional cost to the pet owner). We sell different sizes of e-collars for patients at a fair price, but if you have your own, you can bring it in with your pet. We will ensure that it fits correctly to serve its purpose of preventing your pet from getting to their stiches.

Scheduling an Appointment

Spaying and neutering are routine surgical procedures that are performed on a daily basis (Monday - Friday). Our highly trained doctors and staff ensure that these surgical procedures are done as quickly as possible. Your pet is dropped off at our hospital in the morning and can go home the same evening.

If you have additional questions, concerns, or would like to schedul an appointmnet to have your pet spayed or neutered, please feel free to call us anytime. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you. 

THIS ---->https://careandcomfortvet.com/spay-and-neuter/what-to-expect.html

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